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After Builders Cleaning

Cleaning after all types of building, remodeling, and decorating work

Have you ever noticed how, no matter how careful and clean builders are, there is always a fine layer of dust left when they have finished? It is unlike ordinary dust, and seems to stick like glue to everything it touches. You will often find a similar thing happens after you have completed any decorating. After the noise and disruption caused by building or decorating work the last thing you feel like doing is battling this difficult dust. This is where we can help. We have experience of cleaning up after all types of building, remodeling, and decorating work. They can remove even the most stubborn grease and dust and return your home to its former glory. We will work to remove dirt and dust from surfaces, walls, skirting boards, lampshades, and blinds.

We apply the same precision and attention to detail to all of your furniture, cupboard tops, and hard-to-reach corners. Your cleaner will follow any specific instructions for your more valuable items. They will pay particular attention to kitchens and other food preparation areas, ensuring that they are returned to a safe and hygienic state.