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Carpet Cleaning

Give your carpets a fresher look

Carpets can hide a wealth of dirt and bacteria that cannot be removed by vacuuming alone. Even the best vacuums cannot reach the ground in dirt that is the result of constant use. To increase the life span of your carpets and improve their look and smell, why not give our carpet cleaning service a try.

We are able to take on all types of carpets from hard-wearing nylon to deep pile woolen ones. Our trained and experienced staff will carefully clean carpets of any size and in any room. We are able to move small light furniture such as dining room chairs and small tables to get into corners and hard-to-reach areas. If you require areas under heavier furniture to be cleaned you will need to be available to move the items. As with all our services we do our best to work around your needs and schedule.

We are able to clean your carpets during the evening or weekends, as well as during the working day. You can choose to either have all of your carpets cleaned or just those that really need that extra special touch. It is not just home carpets that we are able to provide a service for. We can also clean carpets in your offices and commercial buildings.